Elementary and Middle Schools

Ever since we started providing stage curtains in 1997, we have offered elementary and middle schools with an alternative to old, unattractive curtains for their stages in theatres, gyms and cafeterias. Our staff will come to your school, measure for the replacement curtains and advise you on the types of materials and any repairs that are needed for the tracks and rigging. We are also able to replace any worn rigging and add new if needed.

Since elementary and middle school stages are usually smaller than those in high schools or civic auditoriums, you might be pleasantly surprised at the cost for new drapes.

We charge nothing for a visit to your school within 200 miles of our shop, so the answers are just a phone call away!

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For more information or a consultation, please call 800-689-2531
Or email us at mail@showbiztheatrical.com

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